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Let Me File That Under IDGAF Stitch Stoppers

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Tired of your precious knitting stitches playing the game of "let's escape the needle" when you least expect it? Well, say goodbye to those rebellious yarn rebels with our Knitting Needle Stitch Stoppers, aka your knitting's new BFFs!

These fearless defenders are your ultimate stitch security detail. They don't take lip from those slippery stitches – instead, they lock 'em down tight, putting an end to their escape antics. With these protectors on duty, you can finally knit without the drama and keep your stitches in line like a knitting renegade. No more stitch jailbreaks or out-of-control rows.

And they don't discriminate – they're down to party with US knitting needles 2-15. So, whether you're a knitting newbie or a seasoned pro, these edgy, in-your-face protectors are here to make your knitting game stronger, sassier, and stitch-tastic. Grab 'em and knit like you just don't give a darn!

+ This listing is for a pack of 2.
+ Fits US 2 needles & up
+ Measures: 1.25" tall x 1.25" wide