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My Story


Hi There, 

   My name is Lindsey & I’m the creative mind behind Precious Knits & I invented Skein Coats.

   I started my creative journey designing & knitting full time for nearly a decade.  I worked with many interior designers creating custom pillows & Christmas Stockings for their clientele.  I loved it!

   I have been fortunate to have had my work featured in magazines, like Southern Living, Country Living, websites like Disney Baby, Martha Stewart & Apartment Therapy, here in the US, as well as a few in Europe. (holy cow, that’s bananas)

   To say that I spent most of my days sitting idle on my couch while my fingers feverishly knit day & night, would be accurate.  Who said knitting was easy?

   So let me set the scene for you as to how Skein Coats came to fruition.

   Picture it:  It’s Christmas Season & stocking orders are piling up.  I’m knitting about 14-16 hrs a day (YES, that many hours non-stop).  Each stocking required at least 4 strands of yarn & my yarn kept getting tangled in my knitting basket.  I mean every minute counts, because these suckers have to arrive in time for Christmas or else.  So, I was, ahem, annoyed & I know this tangled yarn debacle has plagued many a knitter & crocheter. 

     Let’s be honest, we are all busy & we never have as much time as we’d like to curl up on the couch, unwind from the day & knit (or crochet) present company included.  I get a few rows done here or there during the day maybe, & the little time I do have, I don’t want to spend untangling my yarn.  There has to be a better way. 

     That’s when I had my A-Ha moment!  This yarn needs a cozy.  Something that stretches & contracts as I knit, it’s got to be cute, durable, made with quality materials & most importantly it’s got to work.  After many  prototypes, voila, Skein Coat!

     Trust me, as someone who once knit for a living, once you try Skein Coats you will wonder how you ever knit, or crocheted, without them.  They protect your yarn from tangles, knots, pet hair & most importantly they save you time, so, you can spend more time relaxing & less time untangling that $30 skein of yarn you just had to have.


    So that’s my story. 

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My work has been featured in the following publications
Southern Living Magazine
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Unruly Things
Pregnancy & New born Magazine
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Disney Baby.com
Martha Stewart.com
Apartment Therapy
Southern Flourish Magazine 
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