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F Bomb Stitch Stoppers
F Bomb Stitch Stoppers
F Bomb Stitch Stoppers

F Bomb Stitch Stoppers

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Tired of your knitting stitches going AWOL? Say hello to our Knitting Needle Stitch Stoppers – the ultimate stitch-saving, sanity-preserving, and expletive-inducing knitting accessory you never knew you needed!

These bad boys aren't just point protectors; they're your no-nonsense, zero-tolerance, "F-Bomb" defenders against the dreaded stitch slip-and-slide. We've got your stitches' backs, and we're not taking any lip (or loop) from those unruly needles!

With a design as explosive as your knitting passion, our stitch stoppers are here to rock your craft world. Whether you're a knitting ninja or a rebel with a yarn stash, these edgy stitch stoppers fit like a glove (well, more like a needle) on US knitting needles ranging from size 2 to 15.

So, ditch the stitch drama and keep your creativity intact – our Knitting Needle Stitch Stoppers are your profanity-laden, stitch-rescuing superheroes. Let your needles fly, and your stitches stay put – because knitting just got a whole lot more badass! 💣🧶

+ This listing is for a pack of 2.
+ Fits US 2 needles & up
+ Measures: 1.25" tall x 0.75" wide